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Dig in sensitive areas with

For all your excavating needs in areas where manual digging is not possible, use M&K Jetting & Televising. We use water and suction to remove soil in sensitive areas, leaving utilities untouched.

One of the significant benefits of hydro-excavation is its non-destructive nature. The controlled water pressure minimizes the risk of underground utility damage during excavation, reducing the chances of costly repairs or service disruptions. This makes it an ideal method for locating and exposing utilities, pipelines, and cables.


MK Hydro-Excavating Quote

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Benefits of Hydro-Excavation

  • Hydro-excavation allows for precise digging and excavation, making it ideal for delicate or sensitive areas where traditional digging methods may cause damage.
  • Hydro-excavation eliminates the need for manual digging with shovels or backhoes, significantly reducing the risk of worker injuries.
  • Hydro-excavation can be used in a wide range of applications, making it a versatile method for various industries. It is suitable for excavation projects involving potholing, slot trenching, daylighting, and debris removal.
  • Hydro-excavation is an environmentally friendly method of excavation. The use of pressurized water and a vacuum system reduces the amount of soil displaced and minimizes the release of dust or contaminants into the air.
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